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Probewa Keukengroep has collaborated with Riverdale to design a beautiful, timeless kitchen. The starting point for the design was the basis of every Riverdale collection: wooden products with a white, natural, or black finish.

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And of course the Riverdale DNA, that contemporary romantic style with just a hint of ruggedness, is clearly present. The doors show off the grain of the wood, a feature that is also present in many of our home accessories. The door handles are decorated with the same heart that adorns so many of our products; and of course we have included an open shelved cabinet where you can display your Riverdale kitchen accessories.

The square kitchen cupboards measuring 78x78 cm are an innovative feature. You won't find cupboards of these dimensions anywhere else! We also offer cupboards measuring 39 cm wide and 78 cm high. You can mix and match the cupboard dimensions to create your ideal kitchen. Do you want a kitchen island, or do you want everything against the walls? Have fun!.

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The Riverdale kitchen:

  • available in white, natural, and black
  • kitchen cabinet doors with a beautiful wood grain
  • new size of kitchen cupboards and doors
  • door handle available in three versions: doorknob with heart, die cut heart, or milled heart
  • interior of the drawers decorated with Riverdale illustrations
  • worktop available in various thicknesses
  • Riverdale logo milled into the worktop

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